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Think you know everything there is to know about Jacksonville? Think again! Every Tuesday, guests can explore this historic community’s bustling city life and history with Jacksonville’s “Top to Bottom” Walking Tour. This award-winning tour explores the city’s unique sites in addition to sharing the untold stories of Jacksonville.
Beginning at 10:00am, participants will listen to stories concerning the River City, including tales such as the Great Fire to the first Hollywood. While walking through seven different buildings, guests will listen in amazement as the secrets of this community come to light. Discover some of the city’s secret underground tunnels, or check out some of the incredible skyline views atop Downtown’s 42nd floor. You never know what you’ll discover during this one-of-a-kind tour—even the locals may learn a thing or two!
Of course, if you’re just expecting to tag along, this isn’t that kind of tour; the interactive and fun tour guides will keep your interests piqued throughout the one-mile journey. Expect a good laugh (or two) while exploring some of Jacksonville’s most overlooked sights. From the top of the Barnett Bank building to the underground vaults to the historic Florida Theater, guests will find plenty of intrigue along the way. 
Whether you’re on vacation or just passing through, this local highlight is a must—just make sure to pack some comfortable shoes! Tours are $15 per person and $5 for children 5 to 12. Interested guests should meet at the bottom of the escalators in The Jacksonville Landing to participate in this mid-day adventure.
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