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Get out all the whitest clothes you own, everything from t-shirts and pants to socks and sneakers. (And if you don’t own any white clothes, borrow some. You must know some tennis buffs.) Once you’ve got the white clothes in your hot little hands, sign up for the Color in Motion 5K in Jacksonville, Florida. This wonderfully wacky race, which takes place Saturday, December 29 at 9:00 a.m., will not only help keep you from lounging around all day in your non-white clothes doing nothing but watching football and eating junk food and drinking calorie-rich beverages but it will help you stay in shape. And if you’re not in shape, this will be a good place to get back into shape. Don’t worry if your knees are bad or your hips are not aligned. Running is not mandatory. You can walk, crawl, skip, hop, waddle or do the Hokey Pokey. The important thing is to make an appearance and show your support for healthy living, good, clean American fun, and one terrific organization. It’s true. Your registration fee goes to support Hubbard House. This grand non-profit is totally dedicated to healthy and happy relationships. How dedicated? Well, their mission is “Every Relationship Violence Free.”

Okay, now that you know what day the race is and what time it starts and what charity it is benefiting, you may be wondering “What in the world is Color in Motion?” Well, as its name implies, all participants will be in motion and colorfully attired courtesy of a special powder that some call pixie dust, fairy sprinklings or magic drops. Regardless of its actual name, it’s a combination of cornstarch and dye and it will be liberally sprayed all over your clothes as well as your arms, face, legs, ears, nose, etc. But don’t worry. It’s 100% safe and biodegradable. The race folks don’t recommend eating it but if you do, you’ll be fine. And now for some friendly reminders. Don’t forget to pick up your packet overflowing with tons of cool things, including your participant shirt, race number, and race wristband plus additional event details, promotional stuff, and your own package of Color Dust for the finish line finale. You can pick up your packet on Friday, December 28 at 1st Place Sports Bay Meadows, which is located at 3931 Bay Meadows Road in Jacksonville. Get more details in living color at

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