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Mangoes are at their peak in May and June, so why not incorporate this fresh, delicious fruit into your next meal? Executive Chef Ted Peters’ exquisite Fennel Pollen Dusted Pacific Mero dish features deep water lobster, mango fricassee and coriander sea foam for a coastal meal that will make you crave the shore.


Fennel Pollen Dusted Pacific Mero

Deep Water Lobster + Mango Fricassee, Coriander Sea Foam

Fennel Dusted Pacific Mero


Yield 4 Servings:



Qty                 Product

4-4 oz              Japanese Sea bass

8 oz                 Maine Lobster, Roasted, Shelled, Diced

4 oz                 Olive Oil

6 Cloves          Garlic, Shaved

2 ea                  Jalapeño, small dice

2 ea                  Shallot, Shaved

2 ea                  Mango, ripened and diced ½ cubes

4 ea                  Lime, Juiced and reserved

1 bunch           Cilantro, Chopped

3 oz                 Light Brown Sugar

2 ea                  Roasted Piquillo Chile’s, julienne

2 oz                 Soft Butter

1 oz.                Toasted and ground, coriander seeds, white peppercorn, mustard seed, fennel Pollen.  Equal parts each. For fish

2 oz                 Grape seed oil

2 cups             Herb salad, seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper. Mixture of micro herbs

1oz                  lecithin

2 oz                 Skim milk

Salt and Pepper to taste




Sea Bass

Season sea bass with sea salt and toasted Fennel Pollen dust.   Add grape seed oil to medium hot pan and sauté fish both sides add shaved shallots and dollop of butter and place in a 350 oven for 4 minutes or till done.




Deep Water Lobster and Mango Fricassee


In medium high heat sauté pan, add olive oil, shallots, garlic, and jalapeños. Add red peppers and deglaze with lime juice. Whisk in light brown sugar until syrup consistency. Right before plating add lobster, mango, cilantro and butter until emulsified.  Season to taste




Coriander Sea Foam


Blanch and shock cilantro, drain well and blend with lecithin and Skim milk. Season with salt and pepper. Use emersion blender to make foam.




Spoon lobster-mango Fricassee ground around sweet potatoes.  Place seared Sea bass in center. Herb salad, cilantro plush and coriander Foam.  Enjoy!




About 2 years ago by One Ocean Resort


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